Birch Set

Price: $430.00

An assembled board, consisting of frame, tiles, pips, and ports compatible with Settlers of CatanTM

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Boardcrafting Vector Files

Price: $25.00

These are the source files used to create the boards, tiles, ports and pips.  Also included are instructions for using a laser cutter to produce the boards.  You could also use the designs for other creative purposes.

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Dominion "Blank Buddy" Caddy

Price: $18.00

The bare bones card caddy that gets the job done with no frills. Unvarnished so you can draw / paint / varnish it yourself if you like.

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Dominion Caddy - Etched

Price: $60.00

A premium, highly detailed, beautifully lacquered birch centerpiece for your games of Dominion

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Fancywood Set and inscription

Price: $590.00

An assembled board for playing Settlers of CatanTM, including trading ports and pips.  The frame is taken to the next level with an etched border, and can be inscribed with a personal message.  The frame pieces, pips and ports are made of birch, connected with a premium leather backing.  The tiles are made of a variety of hardwoods.

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Frame Kit

Price: $190.00

Two laser cut and etched pieces of birch plywood, and a piece of laser-cut felt for you to assemble at home into a frame for holding your Settlers of CatanTM game.

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Full Kit

Price: $230.00

The frame pieces, a felt backing, 19 tiles, 18 pips, a robber, and 9 ports. All the needed pieces to make a 4-player SettlersTM board.

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Replacement Parts

Price: $10.00

Lose a piece? Just email me.

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Tiles, Pips, and Ports Kit

Price: $100.00

Beautiful tiles, pips, and ports.  Laser-cut and etched.

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