Tiles, Pips, and Ports Kit

<span>Tiles, Pips, and Ports:</span> Tiles, Pips, and Ports
Tiles, Pips, and Ports
Price: $100.00
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These are all the required pieces to play Settlers of CatanTM.  The pieces are made from Birch, laser-cut and etched, and inspected for quality.

Included: 19 terrain tiles, 18 numerical pips, one robber, and 9 trading ports.

tiles manifest

This product does not include the frame piece seen in the Birch Set product.

This product is a "kit" - there is one step remaining for the customer to complete.  Some pieces may still have protective tape on their surfaces when shipped, and that tape will need to be peeled off.

More tile quantities are available for playing the 5-6 Player Expansion or Seafarers, just email me.