Fancywood Set and inscription

<span>Fancywood Set:</span> Fancywood Set<span>Fancywood Set and inscription:</span> Fancywood Set and inscription<span>Closeup:</span> Fancywood Set and inscription<span>Fancywood Set:</span> Fancywood Set<span>Butternut / Cherry combo:</span> Fancywood Set and inscription<span>Walnut / Padauk combo:</span> Fancywood Set and inscription<span>Leather backing:</span> Fancywood Set<span>Inscription:</span> Fancywood Set
Fancywood SetFancywood Set and inscriptionCloseupFancywood SetButternut / Cherry comboWalnut / Padauk comboLeather backingInscription
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An assembled board for playing Settlers of CatanTM, including trading ports and pips, like the Birch Set.  The frame is specially etched with a border.  The frame pieces, pips and ports are made of birch, and the frame is connected with a leather backing.  The tiles are made of a variety of hardwoods:

  • Stone: walnut
  • Sheep: curly maple
  • Wood: poplar
  • Wheat: yellowheart
  • Brick: padauk

The frame can be inscribed with a personal message of up to 200 characters.  After you place your order, I will email you to ask about the inscription details.

The leather backing is from a hand-selected leather of a higher grade than that of the Birch Set.

A more subtle cherry / butternut combo is available as an alternative to the bold padauk / walnut colors. See comparisons here.

I can produce about 10 of these per month.  Please plan for up to two months between ordering and final delivery.

To see how the board can be inscribed with a personal message, see the mockup here.